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Bastian Company Profile

Bastian Company was founded in 1895 and was incorporated as Bastian Brothers Company initially operating as a jewelry store. Shortly after its founding, Bastian Brothers became one of the first firms in Rochester, New York to become a Union Shop and continues today to be a totally unionized firm. Within a short period of time, the firm became known for its custom recognition and award products and underwent a rapid expansion. Soon after moving into a larger facility, Bastian expanded its sales and marketing efforts to eventually cover the entire United States and today has numerous customers located outside the United States.

Since 1895, Bastian Company has been recognized internationally for its quality, craftsmanship, and integrity in the production of emblematic jewelry, lapel pins, medallions, belt buckles, paperweights, key tags, convention badges, police-security-firemen badges and insignia, and automotive decorative emblems.

Bastian Companys die cutters (tool makers) can reproduce a concept into an embossing die that will provide the clarity, sharpness and definition of detail you expect in the finished product. In each and every step of the very labor intensive die striking, enameling, polishing, finishing and plating procedures our employees build integrity and quality into every Bastian Company product.

In December of 2003, Bastian Company acquired the assets of CRDL Inc. and moved all equipment and operations from the CRDL plant in California to the Bastian plant. CRDL invented and patented magnetic sculptures and today offers more than 300 designs to select from. With the move to the Bastian plant, CRDL magnetic sculptures are now union made along with all Bastian products.

All Bastian and CRDL products are Union Made in the USA.
Be American, Buy Made in America

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