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Creative Construcion & Building Block Sculptures

CRDL Magnetic Sculptures with three dimensional shapes, forms, blocks and figures lend themselves to an infinite variety of "solutions" to meet a program's objective. The magnetic sculptures pictured are among our most popular items and are used in many different types of programs. Common uses are with sales, marketing, corporate ans safety meetings, product introductions, promotions, workshops, seminars, customer appreciation and whenever there is a need for building teamwork. All of the items pictured can be modified to suit specific concepts.

Magnetic Sculptures Satisfy The Basic Need to Create, Organize and Stretch The Imagination...

Item # C101
Arches & Figures
Item # C102
Nuts & Bolts
Item # C103
Climbing The Money Tree
Item # C104
Angles & Figures
Item # C105
Mini Acrobats
Item # C106
Item # C201
Columns & Figures
Item # C202
Item # C430
Item # C204
Item # C205
Item # C206
Wires & Balls

All Bastian and CRDL products are Union Made in the USA.
Be American, Buy Made in America

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SAGE 50448