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General Information
Bastian Line

ARTWORK Camera ready art is required. Changes needed on submitted artwork bill be billed accordingly.
CANCELLATION Orders in process cannot be changed or canceled without authorization from factory. Labor and material costs required by changes or caused by cancellation will be billed.
DELIVERY TIME Normal delivery time is 10-15 working days on repeat orders or 10-15 working days after approval of pre-production sample. When feasible, RUSH orders are available. Contact factory for RUSH order approval and RUSH order charges; if applicable.
DROP SHIPMENT We will ship to multiple destinations as required on a purchase order. Typed ship-to addresses must be provided. A charge of $2.00(X) per location plus normal shipping costs will be invoiced.
MINIMUM & LESS THAN MINUMUM ORDER Minimum order charge is $100.00. Orders for less than catalogue minimums are available. Contact factory for quotation.
OVERRUNS- UNDERRUNS Unless specified, we reserve the right to ship and invoice 10% over or under the quantity ordered on lapel pins and 5% on all other products featured in catalogue. EXACT quantity orders are subject to EXACT QUANTITY charges of 5% of applicable unit price.
PHONE & HANDWRITTEN ORDERS Factory will not be responsible for errors on verbal or hand-written orders. Costs incurred will be invliced.
PREPRODUCTION Finished preproduction are available at a cost of $45.00 (X) plus cost of any necessary tools and dies. Lead proofs will be furnished at no charge.
QUOTES / PRICING Factory quotes are valid for 30 days. Catalogue prices are subject to change due to market conditions. Deviations from catalog specifications are subject to quotation by factory.
RETURNS No returns without wiritten approval from factory. Requests for any return must be made within two (2) weeks from date of shipment. Product found to be defective will be repaired or replaced at no additional cost.
SHIPPING METHOD Normal shipment is via UPS.
TERMS OF SALE Net 30 days, F.O.B., Phelps, New York.
TOOLS & DIES All tools and dies are stored and maintained at factory for the exclusive use of the original customer. All tools and dies shall remain the property of factory unless specified in request for original tool quotation. Tooling will be billed at time of lead proof or preproduction sample submission. Factory reserves the right to dispose of any dies or tools without notice if a period of 2 years has elapsed without a reorder.
TRADEMARK & COPYRIGHTS Our customers must accept full responsibility for claims and/or litigation arising from alleged infringement of trademark and/or copyright on any design or copy furnished to Bastian to manufacture or reproduce. Any and all such determinations are the sole responsibility of our customer.
UNION LABEL Bastian is a 100% UNION SHIOP. All products carry a UNION LABEL unless specified in writing that a UNION LABEL is not desired on product.

All Bastian and CRDL products are Union Made in the USA.
Be American, Buy Made in America

ASI 38780 PPAI 111455
SAGE 50448