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Lapel Pins

Bastian has been the premier manufacturer of custom designed lapel pins for over 100 years!  Our combined skills and expertise are available to you for the development of new products and programs.  We can assist you in design, finish, selection, and programming.

Our overall flexibility allows us to offer a variety of techniques far greater than can be illustrated.  We are also able to create a product that can meet most budgets.

Cloisonné Enamel
The centuries old form of glass enameling.
Synthetic Glass Enamel
The “new age” look of glass enamel—duplicating the quality and appearance of glass enamel. Most commonly used throughout the industry—fast replacing cloisonné.
Jeweler’s Finish (two tone)
Sandblasted matte/frosted background with polished highlights.
Colorfill Enamel
Epoxy enamel, hand applied and air cured.
Antique Finish
Oxidized (aged) and hand relieved.
Photo Decal
Photographed through a special process to develop a label which is applied to a brass base with a clear epoxy dome added to create the final pin.
Available on all lapel pins.

All Bastian and CRDL products are Union Made in the USA.
Be American, Buy Made in America

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